Saudi Arabia Employment Visa Stamping

For those who are devoid of this field, the basic question, what is Saudi Employment visa stamping? This is a type of visa that allows or permits an emigrant to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on a sponsorship of a Saudi citizen or a company.

How to go about it? Here are the few documents to be acquired before Saudi visa stamping :

  • Visa delegation paper in the name of Shaba Enterprises(Wakala Paper)
  • Medical report from a GCC approved Medical Centre.
  • Original Individual Contract Agreement with full candidate details (Name, Passport No., Profession, Salary etc.) from the sponsor with Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Saudi Ministry of External Affairs attestation (For New Delhi wakala)
  • Original PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) issued by the passport office duly attested by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (only for Delhi Submission)
  • All the profession related Degree and Certificates should be attested by (to be done consecutively)
    1. State Government HRD
    2. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (MEA)
    3. Saudi Cultural Attache and Saudi Embassy
  • Company Registration (C.R) copy or Employer’s Iqama copy

Note: Documents required are subjected to change as per the case

A new terminology, you can add to your emigrant Saudi vocabulary, ‘Iqama’, the expatriates who arrive in Saudi Arabia on an employment visa are issued a residence permit known as Iqama. The Iqama is valid for a period of 1-2 years. This is an essential document and may be requested at banks, hospitals etc.

Shaba is a reliable and a Saudi approved agent, we can help you with Saudi work visa stamping online without any obstructions. All you have to do is reach the nearest Shaba office with all the required documents for Saudi visa.