About Us

Shaba Enterprises is a well known company in the field of manpower consulting, done by a team of highly experienced consultants. With their assistance, we have been handling deployments to the Middle East, GCC Nations, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. At Shaba Enterprises, we make service quality as our number 1 priority.

We understand that to forecast the trends in global recruitment, we need to keenly observe the worldwide manpower recruitment market. This is a continuous process of study that helps in understanding the requirements of each industry. To make manpower search simple and timely, we always adapt the best international practices and procedures.

Shaba Group (on the name of Shaba Enterprises) holds a license issued by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs with Registration number REG # B-0611/DEL/PER/1000+/5/3443/92. The world knows us for quality manpower recruitment, trade testing and deployment of manpower from India. Shaba Group has a wide network, having globally interlinked professionals with extensive understanding of the various aspects of multinational and local businesses as well as industry specific demands. Our entrepreneurial creativity of locally owned and globally driven partnerships makes us one of the premier recruitment and selection organization to serve clients all across the globe.

Shaba Group, the company that started Shaba Enterprises, has come a long way since its inception. Today, we are trusted and respected by our clients for bringing them the best talent, largely due to the pioneering efforts of Mr. Namath Abdul Kader, the man behind the success of the group. Under his guidance, the group began its initial operations in Mumbai. However, the visionary’s dream to be the best and serve clients better made the group shift its base to New Delhi in 1985.

After coming to New Delhi, Mr. Kader was then joined by Mr. Muhamed Murthaz, who streamlined the operations of this manpower consulting group with his knowledge and expertise. Soon this led to further expansion and refinement of service delivery. Their sheer hard work and dedication has brought the Shaba Group into the list of top HRD consultants in the world today.

Mr. Abdul Aashid, an MBA from UK, expanded the horizons for Shaba Group by putting in fresh thoughts to take the company ahead. So far, the company has worked with some eminent construction, hospitality, poultry, health, heavy engineering and aqua-culture companies. Marketing and advertising firms also fall within the purview of our responsibilities and we are looking to expand into these areas very soon.

Latest News

  • Inauguration ceremony of Chennai Branch at “Alsa Mall”, No: 4, Left Wing, 3rd Floor, 149, Montieth Road Egmore, Chennai – 600008

    March 17, 2017