Our Vision & Mission


To make the world a smaller place by offering easy and quick experiences in overseas manpower recruitment, visa services & certificate attestation.

One thing is for sure- even if all other industries of the world fail, travel will never go down. Shaba Enterprises has expanded itself over the years by now providing tour and travel services. Our company believes in simplifying services for the client at every stage. As Shaba Group continues to expand, we shall never waiver from our focus of keeping things simple.


To improve the client’s productivity and overall business with the help of quality manpower recruitment services

The experienced consultants at Shaba Group help clients pick the best candidates for their organisations. Shaba Group pays very close attention to quality and ensures that it tests every single candidate for the trade at hand. In this way, these worthy candidates help the client increase business. Our company continues to grow with each passing day and strives for effective partnerships to offer clients the benefits of costs and service that need minimum client input.

The interview process followed by us is highly competitive. It has almost zero tolerance for errors and inconsistencies. We wish to deploy Shaba Group across many more cities in India and serve a wider base of clients in an efficient manner.

Latest News

  • Inauguration ceremony of Chennai Branch at “Alsa Mall”, No: 4, Left Wing, 3rd Floor, 149, Montieth Road Egmore, Chennai – 600008

    March 17, 2017